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Calculate the approx. price of your cargo with our price calculator for all service type needs. Charges will be calculated on the basis of weight of the cargo in Kg fractions thereof. It will be assessable on either the grow weight of the goods or on the dimensional or volume weight of shipment whichever of the two is higher. The weight of the goods which is chargeable will be represented in fractions of Kg as in 0.25 kg or 0.50 Kg and it can go up to 9999 kg.

Price Calculator

Volumetric Calculator

Calculation of volumetric weight for determining the cost of shipping the cargo is a standard practice followed throughout the industry. It calculates the space a package will occupy at the time of transit with different modes of transportation and the space occupied in the warehouse. Space occupied is calculated in relation to the weight of the cargo.

Formulas used to calculate the Volumetric Weight are

Measure in Centimeter (cms) pccs

Measure in Inches (in) pccs

Where 1 CFT = 10 Kg

In order to avoid confusions the measurements of the goods are rounded-off to the nearest whole number

Higher weight of the volumetric and actual weight will be chargeable

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